How i rank foreign domain in USA

For the past several months, I’ve been involved as a director for a very talented agency called twenty2studios which rebrand itself to Digital Invoke

The reason I joined these guys was very simple.

These guys were a marketer. Grue to Social Media, they rely on Social Media Marketing, data, and test results on other hands I focus on Digital Marketing SEO and technicality of the website.

It was a great opportunity for all of us to work under one roof.

Since then, we able to win over 20 new clients.  Size of those clients are various some are individual and or even 20 Million Doller company, we develop websites, do Social Media, and my most favorite create a Digital Strategy, when client business grow by performing our strategy, it makes us happy, along with that we also establish partnership with some business, all we do set our roadmaps and working on how to grow in the future.

How we Start

Well, today I’m going to share my interesting case study where we ranked foreign TLD website which also has the Korean language as it primary language in the Google United States. I hope that by sharing with you some of these strategies, you can use this knowledge to your advantage and make some serious improvements if you also want to rank your foreign tld.

Previous History

When we got this client he has foreign tld domain with dot com extension and his main website is in Korean language and have several version of other languages and website is in HTML based and required lot of On-page optimization,(I hope you understand what we facing here 😉 ) When we start site was nowhere on SERP for the English result, however, site has good authority and backlink profile with 32 authority links point to website but as it is foreign language same as those links but from real foreign websites, on this site, 24 links were going to its homepage and 8 links was going to an inner pages

Ranking Strategy

We divided our roadmap to 4 weeks in those weeks we plan and execute our strategy to ranked client website, You can read what we perform weekly.

Week 1

Citations Campaign

As a business is not local to the US and they just start doing business in the USA we first go with Citations and, we create 50 Citations in Week 1 and point to that site.

On-Page Optimization

During 1st week we also start optimization for the On-Page for the site, if I remember correctly we optimized almost 30+ Pages as it is HTML based site you can imagine the load of work we got 🙂 If you want to learn more about On-Page SEO you should check out this guide by Brian Dean

Web 2.0

If you are doing SEO for a corporate client [500+ pages] or manage a website with tens of thousands of visitors per day, then yes, link diversity necessary. After your posting 1 or 2 posts or so over the course of 3 to 5 days in a week that don’t mention or link to Client’s Site, on 7th day we create one additional posts that have two links to client’s site as per the advise of seattle design agency list, In Week 2 We throw some Web 2.0 and point to main domain of the Client’s domain, the concept of this is like the bigger is site, the more natural it would attract all types of links from various platforms.

Social Media

As every business must be on Social Profile and we notice client did not have English social media we create their social media and boost them it help us to achieve 10K like in a week and many social signals

Week 2

Press Release

We throw Press release around the business website. We use only brand and/or naked URL’s as anchors, Remember at least 100-200 legitimate Press Release news sites will be nice.

 Low Velocity PBN

We push 1,2 Low Velocity PBN which pointed to LSI keywords for Client’s website, It helps us to make momentum during this phase. It will help ranking in starting phase, We also send daily 2,3 PBN to our Web 2.0s who have high DAs & PAs, those PBN to Web 2.0 continue till mid of Week 3

Week 3

Social Singles

We all know Social Signal Blast like share on Facebook Twitter and G+ will help your ranking 500FB shares, 300 Twitter Tweets, 150 Google Pluses, We run this all week

Week 4

Drip Feed High Velocity PBN

Now its time to go big and full swing We start sending drip feed PBN to client’s site those High Velocity PBN have minimum 30+ TF/CF and 40+ DA/PA


You can clearly say it is an aggressive strategy we perform on this client, but what makes us go with this approach is client primary language which is Koren, his domain tld, as domain already have good authority

Those Pillow links which we create in Week 1 and Week 2 are used to diversify our anchor text ratios, So that is how we ranked this client in a month with normal competition

This article is under development.

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